January 28, 2015

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Keep Calm and Carry Chic by Artist Christopher Hayden

For Shot Show 2015, Beau + Arrow commissioned noted Los Angeles based artist Christopher Hayden to create custom works of art reflecting our style and sentiment towards gun ownership. Christopher drew matching pistols "engraved" with our logo and placed over the phrase "Keep Calm and Carry Chic." We couldn't be happier with the results to celebrate our line of luxury leather concealed carry handbags. 

We learned that screen printing is not easy. It takes skill and most of all patience. Christopher began by having a downtown LA print shop burn a custom screen of his design. Then he built a wooden frame for the screen and a custom surface complete with clamps to hold the screen. 

This is the pristine custom screen before fabric paint is poured on it. The burn is made by exposing the screen to UV light. The screen is actually propped up by shims and do not touch the surface of the wooden platform. It is raised about 1/4 of an inch. This is to give some "bounce" to the screen so that when you press down on the screen and squeegee paint over it, it doesn't create pools of paint onto your project. 

Christopher then measured out the exact location for the tote and taped down an outline so the print would be perfect each time. Next he attached the screen to the clamps. 

Using a squeegee, he laid paint at the bottom of the screen and pressed upwards and then once downwards to lay down the art. It only takes one pass. Resist the urge to make multiple passes, especially if you have fine details in the screen as we did. You will end up with paint at the bottom of your screen. This is your cache of paint for the next pass. Only take enough paint each time for one upward and one downward motion.

If done correctly, here is the end result of the project! 

Beau + Arrow made a limited number of these for Shot Show and to celebrate our Spring 2015 launch. At Show Show 2015 in Las Vegas this year, a number of prominent women athletes and gun industry influencers received these including Julie Golob, Eva Shockey, Diana Hufstedler, Kelli Sampsel, Kendall Jones, Alex Rogers, Jackie Carrizosa and others! One of the most coveted items at Shot Show, Beau + Arrow makes them available now online: http://shopbeauarrow.com/collections/spring2015/products/limited-edition-keep-calm-and-carry-chic-tote

Get yours today before they run out. The limited edition totes come in three colors: white, hot pink and gold.