January 25, 2015

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Post Show Shot - The Beau + Arrow Experience

What we learned post Shot Show is that the gun industry is more of a community, especially amongst the women. There is a supportive circle that is inclusive and desiring of more women to join and it stems from the women themselves. As a newcomer to the industry and the event, we were made to feel welcome and embraced. 

Beau + Arrow with Arys Daniela (arysdaniela.com), Jackie Carrizosa (Firearms for Life), Shelly Giddings (GunUp Magazine gunupthemagazine.com), Iris (Beau + Arrow), Laci (Winchester)

The category Beau + Arrow is representing is the "gray man," or in our case, "the gray woman" of the industry. It is the gun owner that doesn't necessarily proclaim herself to be one. She doesn't shout loudly about her passions but she does love shooting and she exists. However, she also loves other things equally - fashion, travel, wine, city living, rural adventures, etc. What would be so surprising for mass media to know is that the majority of women at Shot Show also love these things. A woman who owns a gun and a woman who doesn't is still a woman. She still loves the same clean, beautiful aesthetics in a firearm or a handbag. And we were thrilled to have met so many of you. So thank you for embracing us. Thank you for supporting us. And thank you for making us feel part of the group. 

The Jens from http://jennsstyleblog.com and contributors to Lucky Magazine. Betty is carrying the concealed carry Lillian Crossbody in Winter White. Jen is carrying the Charley Shoulder Bag in Maroon. Jen is wearing the Kate Shoulder Bag in Black.


Shelly is holding her favorite tote - the Annie in Winter White, a concealed carry tote with a 17" padded laptop sleeve and ambidextrous access to the concealed carry compartment. 

The gorgeous Alex Rogers (Competitive Shooter and Model) has on her favorite Kate Shoulder Bag in the softest Texas American leather.


The fabulous Beth Alcazar of the rad blog (www.usconcealedcarry.com/category/pacifiers-peacemakers) also loves the Kate Shoulder Bag! Check out her blog for some of the most informed information on Concealed Carry!