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Meet Beau + Arrow

Beau + Arrow was founded by women with deep roots in fashion, having worked in New York and Los Angeles with such established lifestyle and luxury fashion houses as Quiksilver, Roxy, Diane Von Furstenberg, Ralph Lauren and Nicole Miller. Beyond their love of fashion is a strong advocacy for the empowerment of women and the shooting sports. Dedicated firearm owners and self-defense practitioners, the founders of Beau + Arrow strive to combine fashion and functionality to give purpose to the collection without sacrificing beauty.  

What began as a passion project for the founders turned into a career when they recognized that there are core traits that appeal to all woman. Owning a defense tool does not define a person any more than not owning one does. Women appreciate beautiful aesthetics, clean lines, solid materials and quality when they see it whether its in their handgun or their handbag. 

The collection developed by the team at Beau + Arrow is meant to be everyday carry. It is a stylish statement for any occasion whether there is a defensive tool in it or not. All handbags from the Beau + Arrow line comes with ambidextrous access and a separate compartment for a firearm, pepper spray, taser or any other defense tool for safe carry. 

Born in Missouri, Beau + Arrow is based in Los Angeles, CA where the founders reside and advocate for self-protection and education, and promote stylish trends. Besides fashion and firearms, the founders of Beau + Arrow are avid surfers, snowboarders and beach dwellers. Always in style with salty skin, sun-streaked hair and our Sig Sauers. 

For more information, contact us at iris@shopbeauarrow.com.

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Meet Grant LaVelle

The design genius behind our safe and secure concealed carry compartments and holsters is Grant LaVelle. Grant served in the United States Marine Corps and in law enforcement in a variety of roles from Patrol, Investigations Bureau, SWAT, Sniper and Range Officer. He is the founder of the high quality tactical training program Maximum Life Expectancy . Grant also is the founder of EGA Custom Kydex. He is an expert in the industry and we are honored to be able to tap into his wealth of knowledge.