January 29, 2015

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Highlighting the Pearl, the Slouchy Hobo Luxury Leather Designer Concealed Carry

When we launch just over a week ago, the first bag that flew off the shelves was the Pearl Slouchy Hobo. As the team here made bets on which design would sell first, all of us were surprised when it was this modern silhouette. We thought we'd have to ease the community into accepting a more stylish and unique handbag not currently available from other carry concealed brands. We were thrilled to prove our belief that a woman who carries a self-defense tool is the same woman who doesn't. She is still a woman and she still loves beautiful things, progressive fashion and stylish silhouettes. 

The Pearl Pearl Slouchy Hobo

The Pearl offers plenty of space in it's 14" x 18" interior. Created from extremely soft and supple Texas American leather and accented with custom gold hardware, it provides a stylish and luxurious option for concealed carry. The interior concealed carry compartment of the Pearl was designed by Grant LaVelle. Grant served in the United States Marine Corp and in law enforcement in a variety of roles from Patrol, Investigations Bureau, SWAT, Sniper and Range Officer. He is the founder of the high quality tactical training program Maximum Life Expectancy (www.maxlifex.com). Grant also is the founder of EGA Custom Kydex (http://www.egacustom.com). He is an expert in the industry and we are honored to be able to tap into his wealth of knowledge. 


Grant LaVelle conducting a tactical carbine course for Maximum Life Expectancy.


As we grow as a company and gain support, we are excited and curious to see which styles will trend for the brand and the community. Thank you for supporting our efforts and our vision. We hope you love our collection as much as we do!