February 26, 2015

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Beau + Arrow Press & Media: GunUp the Magazine

GunUp is a cutting-edge media company built by experienced military veterans, shooting sports competitors, and publishing professionals. Their network of publishing sites including GunUp the Magazine feature only high-end content. Beau + Arrow is so proud to be featured as the Editor's Pick in their latest issue dedicated to Shot Show 2015 in Las Vegas. GunUp reaches millions of gun enthusiasts, focusing on self-defense, target shooting, conceal carry, and home defense.

A big thank you to writer Shelley Rae Giddings who wrote the review for a special Women's and Guns section and deemed our Beau + Arrow concealed carry Annie tote as her "editor pick." We appreciate GunUp recognizing the role of women in the gun and defense industry. Shelley is an expert gun enthusiast who co-founded GunUp Media with her husband Caleb Giddings whom many of you may recognize from the History Channel's highly regarded and entertaining show Top Shot

To check out GunUp the Magazine's special issue on Shot Show 2015, click here or see the article on Beau + Arrow's line of discrete luxury designer concealed carry collection of handbags and purses below. 




IT TAKES A LOT to get me excited about new products, and I'm not at all an advocate of off-body carry. (You can get away with a lot with a good inside the waistband holster in the appendix position, ladies.) I feel like that will give you an idea of how much I actually loved Beau + Arrow's Annie.

When I met Iris Yen and her sister and partner-in-crime. Betty, I ended up spending way too much time chatting with them. Iris started the company after she tried to purchase a concealed carry purse for a family member and couldn't find anything she liked. With her background, she was able to create her own amazing product. I'm normally a Coach purse girl, which is a stance not everyone who is into luxury handbags will understand, at least establishes my threshold for these.The Annie is one of the most practical, versatile, and straight-up gorgeous handbags I've seen. It has room for a 15-inch laptop and a full-size M&P. It's large enough to be a weekender bag, and sleek enough to be a day tote. The leather is soft, and there are small accents throughout that really take it from a normal bag to something next-level

I will probably not buy one to carry my gun in. My daily carry; a Kahr PM9 inan N82 Tactical holster that I should probably talk more about; serves me quite well However, I am going to buy one because it's a great handbag and I am a working woman who loves the idea of being able to fit a 15-inch laptop in a luxury bag. So if you are a lady, or you have one in your life, who is considering off-body carry and is interested in looking good doing it (or is just interested in a strong, practical, good-looking bag), I can't emphasize enough how amazing these Beau + Arrow bags are.

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GunUp.com | March 2015