October 16, 2014

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Keep Calm and Carry


Supporting the right to conceal and carry has never been more important. Reaching out to our representatives and legislators is key to maintaining our rights. Our right to conceal and carry shouldn't be subject to party politics or party support. It's a constitutional right and while we may perceive that our government is divided on the issue, we should encourage all legislators who support it because it affects us all as human beings as not as democrats or republicans as recently evidenced.


Recently on Oct 14th, 2014, a Pennsylvania state legislator exchanged gunfire with a teenager that tried to rob him and a fellow lawmaker late Tuesday night, police said. Democrats Marty Flynn of Lackawanna and Ryan Bizzarro of Erie were walking to their Harrisburg residence after a late dinner when two teenagers approached.

One 'pointed a gun first at Flynn and then at Bizzarro and demanded their wallets,' according to a statement from the House Democratic Caucus, as the second shouted instructions to him.

Flynn, who is a former Lackawanna County corrections officer and has a concealed carry permit, drew his pistol and fired. The gunman also shot, but it is not known who fired first. No one was injured as the two groups ran off in different directions. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Harrisburg police caught up to the two would-be robbers blocks away, and rounded up two other alleged accomplices.

The charges include attempted homicide, conspiracy, robbery, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and carrying a firearm without a license. Police say the recovered the gun used in the holdup and the alleged muggers will be prosecuted as adults. Two are 15 and two are 17 years old. 

Flynn and Bizzarro returned to their shared residence close to the capitol and called 911. Flynn told police he had fired his weapon and turned over the gun, according to the caucus's statement.


'We are used to fighting for the people in our districts every day,' Flynn said in the statement. 'We certainly are going to stand up for ourselves and not become victims.'

Last week, a bill passed the Pennsylvania House to amend the state's gun control laws to allow groups like the National Rifle Association to sue cities with gun control laws stricter than state or federal law. Bloomberg reports this follows the defeat of an NRA-opposed state gun control amendment requiring owners to report gun thefts and losses, before being adopted by more than two dozen local legislatures.  Flynn and Bizzarro voted yes on the recently passed bill according to state records, and it now heads to the state senate.

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