July 03, 2014

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From Bows & Arrows to Beau + Arrow

In the last one hundred years, not only have weapons evolved but so have women and our standing in society. These days, women are not only equal partners, but we are quickly becoming equal gun owners in the United States. 

In less than a decade, since 2005, women gun owners have increased 77%. We are recognizing that we own the power to defend ourselves. Control is empowering and something we should seek in all aspects of our lives. Shooting gives us a feeling of equality, a sense of safety and a sense of being in control of ourselves.

Why we shoot, however, is different from the typical perception. We shoot not solely for hobby or self-defense, but because it is a statement of independence and personal power. 

"God created man, but Samuel Colt made them equal." So it is true for women as well.