February 11, 2015

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Beau + Arrow Press & Media: LollieShopping.com

We've been so humbled to see so much great press on our collection. Thank you to all the supporters and reporters who love our designs!

Here is Laura Coronado from powerhouse Las Vegas blog LollieShopping covering Beau + Arrow's line of luxury concealed carry handbags. LollieShopping is one of the Top 5 fashion blogs according the CBS Las Vegas. 


Her review emphasizes the protection factor of our handbags. Whether you choose to carry mace, pepper spray, a taser or even a firearm, it's always best to separate out the compartment. You don't want to be reaching for your lipstick and picking up your mace. Or in a stressful situation, you don't want to fumble for your defensive tool. Keep it safe and carry concealed in a specialized compartment! 

Here is her review in full text:

Tote Your Gun in Style

Finding a cute way to carry your concealed weapon is no easy feat. Most concealed weapon handbags are pretty damn ugly or constructed from cheap leather (visit a gun show, and you’ll know what I mean). But now Beau + Arrow comes to the rescue with a line of concealed carry luxury handbags made from premium leather. From tote bags to satchels to hobo style purses, Beau + Arrow’s stylish handbags range from $425 to $595.

Whether you carry pepper spray, a taser, or even a handgun, you can finally do so in style. Check out the collection at Beau + Arrow. And once you get your new handbag, take it to the range and practice drawing from it. Stop storing your mace next to your lipstick. Visit www.shopbeauarrow.com.

For the full review including pictures, click on the link here provided above.